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Posted by PW on January 25, 2013

In case you missed church last week, and before you read any further, let me make this  point clearly:  If you have been touched by or involved with abortion in any way, GOD STILL LOVES YOU!  That said, I want to revisit this uncomfortable but serious subject one more time (only in this blog post; not this week's message); after all, we are grown-ups (most of us) who ought to be able to discuss and contemplate very serious subjects...even the ones that make us uncomfortable. This week, all over the news and in the halls of Congress, the 40th anniversary of the infamous "Roe v. Wade" decision has been commemorated.  What has gone largel...[Read More]

Take the hit.

Posted by Josh Schlotterbeck on January 16, 2013

I recently read an interview with Jack Johnson, the heavyweight boxing champion of the world from 1908-1915.   In discussing how the sport has changed, he said something simple and profound.  Some of the greatest fighters of all time didn’t last because they could punch the hardest; but because they knew how to take a punch. ...[Read More]

Hearing the voice of God…

Posted by PW on January 4, 2013

When someone says, "God told me to..." - what do you think?  I must confess, my initial reaction is skeptical.  We've all heard stories about people who are mentally unstable and claim to hear "voices," sometimes even the voice of God.  This is likely what the world thinks when they hear Christians refer to God speaking to them. In the Church, in the context of Christian faith, people use phrases like, "God led me to..." or "God spoke to me," etc.  We often quickly follow with something like, "Not audibly, of course, but..." just to make sure that people don't think that we're crazy.  On the one hand, most of us greatly desire, perhap...[Read More]

The fight, the promise, and the payoff.

Posted by Josh Schlotterbeck on January 2, 2013

The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge. He is my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. Psalm 18:2 This verse is power and VERY insightful. As I read this today, something jumped out at me. Why would God be our shield? Because there is a war being waged for your heart and soul. The fight is on. Yet, for many of us we fight the battle all by ourselves. Sometimes I feel like once we become Christians we have joined the fight Club…Where the only rule is “DON’T TALK ABOUT FIGHT CLUB” We don’t share the struggles were in!Whether we are afraid to, or “can’t”...[Read More]

Happy New Year!

Posted by PW on December 28, 2012

I hope that your Christmas was Christ-centered and joyous, and that you and yours are truly enjoying the blessings of the season! 53.  That's what this Sunday is; the 53rd (and final) Sunday of 2012.  Like any year, 2012 has had its' ups and downs, blessings and challenges.  But saying that 2012 was "like" any year doesn't mean that it wasn't unique.  There were many significant "one-time-only" events in this past year; some tragic, others joyous.  This is true not just for us as a country and congregation, but for each of us as an individual. Looking back on 2012, what were your blessings?  Maybe at the time you didn't even recog...[Read More]